A New Journey on an Old Road

This morning I leave for a 16-day journey which I’ve traveled before. In fact, I took this trip four years ago. I’m heading to Colorado and the Grand Canyon with a buddy of mine on our motorcycles. Many of the sights will be familiar, but te journey will be as fresh as the morning dew.image

This is my ninth year in a row of taking a long motorcycle trip. What started as a sabbatical from ministry has blossoms (my wife would probably say ‘ballooned’) into a yearly adventure to meet people who need hope in their lives. The first five years of these trips were just motorcycle trips, designed to see the country on the most scenic roads available. Now, in addition to that, the emphasis is on those we run into at our various stops along the way. And for the past five years, I come prepared to pass out God’s Word of hope and the Good News.image

To follow us on the trip, click HERE. I’ll be posting regularly so you can hear about those we meet. Pray that God would bring people across our path that need hope.

That’s what my prayer is this morning.

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