No hoopla.

I don’t follow the NBA. To me, pro basketball is a game of 3-pointers and dunks. However, a news story caught my ear this morning. Tim Duncan retired.image

After 19 years (all with the San Antonio Spurs) producing 5 NBA Championships, he retired in the most quiet way possible. But that is just who he is. I was struck by his humility. No farewell tour. No hoopla. Just a press release from his team. And this from a certain hall of famer.

The Spurs made the playoffs every year Duncan played for them. He is one of the greatest power forwards ever to play. No flash. No in-your-face arrogance so prevalent in sports nowadays. Just points, great defense, and victories. And did I mention championships?

Here’s the story I heard on NPR.

He was content to be out of the limelight. He was content to be in the background. He was content to be a player, even a role-player late in his career, in a small-market city. He was content to defer praise, and point to his teammates and coach.

As I consider this, I had to ask myself some questions. Am I content to be in the background in my endeavors, whatever they may be? Am I content to accept blame when necessary and when praised, point to those around me as tremendous examples and influences?

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment.

(Romans 12:3)

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