“What doesn’t kill you…”

You’ve heard it said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” That may be true but I’m not sure that’s all it’s built up to be. It sounds sort of macho and courageous and maybe believing that has helped many get through some tough times.

I’ve been through some tough times: both my parents have passed away, I’ve divorced – twice, and, professionally and in ministry, I’ve experienced trials and tribulations. But as I look back, the things I’ve gone through are nothing compared to what some of my friends have gone through or are enduring right now. And they are in my prayers.

However, after reminiscing with some of my old friends the other night, I began thinking. I miss them terribly and it was so good to see them, but it was bittersweet. We’ve been through a lot together, through ups and downs and through blood, sweat, and tears – literally. But those days are tragically over. I wish we could rewind and go back, but we can’t. But I think that’s okay.

I was talking to my wife about it and I finally said, “I’m glad it happened. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without it happening. I’m in a much better place because of it.” What I’m starting to realize is: What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker… and more humble and more dependent on Jesus for everything. And that’s exactly where God wants me… and you.

2 thoughts on ““What doesn’t kill you…”

  1. Well you have joined really good company. Apostle Paul said that when he discovered that he was weak then he became strong in Christ. I’ve been through tough times too and I’m much better today. All because of Jesus and realizing where I was when I needed Him. Blessings to you brother.


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