You can count on it…

As I checked into The Cottonwood Inn in Glasgow, Montana, Paul was unpacking his motorcycle. It took me a few minutes, but when I came back outside, a gentleman was talking to him.

His name was Victor, and right away, I could tell he was a bit different. He was very boisterous and excited… overly so, it seemed. We exchanged introductions and Paul said Victor was from New Jersey. I joked that he had “escaped” from New Jersey and Victor agreed, implying that he was going to be here indefinitely. Again, we exchanged light conversation and he said goodbye.

He had said that he was a psychotherapist, had handed me his card (with no address on it), and had said to Paul that he had just divorced, lost his shirt in a business venture, and felt burned by life in general.

As he walked away, I said that he was a different sort of character, and began to reposition my bike. Paul replied quickly, “If we pray for God to send people to us… to bring them into our path, we can’t shun them.”

I’m not sure I “shunned” Victor, but I was convicted that the Lord had indeed sent someone to cross our path. That someone, Victor, had a story. It was a story of brokenness and crushed dreams. He was (and is) someone who needs the Good News.

Before he walked away, he received a New Testament from the Gideons and one of my business cards that I had made up for the trip. I invited him to check out my website, follow us on our trip, and read the blog for daily encouragement.

And Victor, if you’re reading this, please lean on Jesus. You can trust him. He is always working for your good. No matter, how broken we are, He can use our brokenness to pour ourselves into othes whom God brings into our path.

You can count on it.

2 thoughts on “You can count on it…

  1. “He will use our brokenness to pour us into the lives of others.”

    I have been AMAZED how God has used the stories of a place of dark pain in me to open a door into that place that others are experiencing. Time and time again, as I share my brokenness, people allow to walk into their chaos.
    My temptation is to begin to pick up the pieces and “fix”. And advise. And judge. Or pity. When I do that, God has his ways of reminding me about His Love and Care for me when my life was broken and dark. It’s vital that I share my light-ness instead of cursing their darkness. Sharing the experience, Strength and Hope I found in Him is the reason God created the appointment.


  2. Tom – 2 places U MUST go – 1) The BADLANDS of S.Dakota is mesmerizing. 2) As U leave the parking lot at Mt Rushmore, turn right. A short distance around the mountain is a parking lot on the left side of the road. Pull in. From there , U can see George Washington in profile. We were amazed.

    ThkQ for sharing Ur trip with us!!!


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