Broken and Undone

In the song, “Take Me As I Am”, which my step daughter, Christy, wrote for her band in 2005, the chorus is:

‘Cause I’m broken and undone,
Living naked in your truth.
I’m surrounded by your love.
Come and take me as I am.

As I listen to that chorus this morning, I find myself reflecting on that first line.

I’ve begun a new job at Love In The Name of Christ, (Love INC), which brings the love of Christ through the Body of Christ, meeting needs and transforming lives… to those that allow God to come into their lives.

I have the privilege of mentoring a lady who has allowed God to come into her life. She has firmly said (to God and to those that are supporting her) that her old ways weren’t working. And now she wants help — from God and from Love INC.

We always pray for God to intervene… for God to step in and exert His will into our lives or into the lives of those we pray for. But my experience is that God won’t force His way into our lives.

He may draw us to Himself. He may woo us through circumstances. But He will only come into our lives if we invite Him in. And normally that invitation comes through saying (or singing), “I’m broken and undone, living naked in your truth. I’m surrounded by your love. Come and take me as I am.”

And He always does.

(Shameless plug: Here’s the Chick Band’s album where the song can be found:

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