Divine Appointments

My buddy, Gregg, and I are taking a 16-day motorcycle trip covering 16 states and over 4700 miles and we will see some beautiful scenery and visit National Parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park and the Grand Canyon.

That is wonderful and the lure of the open road is something that draws me year after year, but the scenery and the  highway solitude is never the highlight of the trip.

The high points of these long trips are always the people we encounter along the way. Yesterday confirmed that.



During our first stop at the West Virginia Welcome Center we were just about to get back on the road when this couple happened by.

Thomas and Bermice were from Virginia Beach and were on their way to Logan, WV where a revival has been going on since early March. They commented on my trailer which has stickers from all over the country from previous trips. Thomas had a huge smile on his face from the time we saw him, and after finding out that they were going to the revival, I asked if we could pray with them. He was excited at the prospect of that and we circled up in our parking spot and prayed for them to encounter God in a powerful way at the revival and for us to have safe travels and for more “divine appointments.” After our prayer, he said that he wanted to pray with us even before I asked.

In the days before leaving, I’ve been praying for divine appointments. God showed up yesterday, answering that prayer.

I can’t wait to see what (or who) He has in store the rest of the trip!




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