My name is Tim Harrison, and I’m just like you… I live most of life one day at a time. I struggle with living my faith each day. I have doubts, probably like you. I have fears. But I have Jesus. Does that make me special? No, it makes Jesus special.

The love that God has for you and me is more overwhelming every day. His love truly has the power to transform, whether it be an addict on the street or a pew-sitter on Sunday morning.

As I grow in Christ, I realize how much more I need Him. Life is hard. Period. And the older I get, the less I know. But I know the One who does… and that’s good enough for me. After all, that’s why it’s called faith.

I love my wife, my family, my dog, and my friends, not necessarily in that order. I also love motorcycling and exploring… both this country on two wheels and this life, walking by faith in the One who gave His all for us all.

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