Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else

Last night, my wife Sharon and I had the opportunity to have dinner with old friends… folks we hadn’t really sat down with and talked to for over a year. It was so good to just catch up. It was great to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly in their lives, and talk with them like we’ve never been apart. It was so good to laugh so hard until you cried and your side hurt. It was great to smile so much that your face hurt. Laughter really is good medicine!

Many were facing tough decisions or heading towards a crossroads in their life. Possibly the most profound thing said last night was from Donna, who’s been successfully battling cancer. She said that she learned this little prayer from a friend of hers: “Dear Lord, I want your will; nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else.” She continued by saying that it was a difficult prayer to pray. “It’s just hard,” she said.

You’re right, Donna. But it may be the best prayer I’ve heard (or said) all year.