“I’m a Recovering Fundamentalist”

I love Mark Lowry. He is so funny. You can go from laughing to the point of tears to crying real tears in a nano-second. You may do the same watching the video at the link here: http://youtu.be/4aWIQFogJAc

He says, “I’m a recovering fundementalist.” I can relate. In fact, many people would call me a liberal. But there are so many political, social, or moral issues that we, as Jesus-followers, get caught up in that actually hurt the cause of Christ. All the while, we have a plank of wood in our own eye, as Jesus might put it.

Perhaps my favorite quote from the video is:

“We say, ‘Love the sinner and hate the sin.’ But I think it ahould be this: , ‘Love the sinner and hate your own sin.’ I’ll hate my sin, you hate your sin, and let’s love each other.”

We are so forgetful. We have amnesia. We forget how we used to be and what Christ saved us from. And here’s a News Flash: We haven’t “arrived” yet. Many of us still struggle with the same things we struggled with before we came to know Jesus: anger, lust, gossip, laziness, foul language… the list goes on. These are still part of our lifestyle. Yet we’re quick to point out how sinful someone else’s lifestyle is. I know because I do it, too.

It’s a long video. 10 minutes. You should watch it. Actually, you don’t need to watch it. You can just listen to it on your phone as you go down the road on the way to work.

Maybe you can’t afford to take the time. But maybe you can’t afford not to.

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